Accoya Wood Windows & Doors – Does It Matter Who Makes Them?

August 16, 2018

Following on from our recent post on Accoya wood, we took some photos of a windows made 15 years ago by our timber manufacturing partner. They had left it outside ever since.

This unpainted Accoya window, having braved the elements for so many years, suffered zero rot, warping or insect attack!

But it’s no accident. Due to a combination of the workshop’s unmatched design, manufacturing & components, the integrity of all the joints and seals is perfect. Even the hardware works perfectly!

Brush off the cobwebs and fit a glazing unit in it, this window would perform as well as a brand new unit straight out of the factory.

To us, this is pretty amazing, and completely negates our potential clients’ fears about the maintenance and longevity concerns of timber.

It’s a superb material. But just using the timber doesn’t guarantee longevity. It also clearly matters who makes it.

Robert Goldsbrough

Robert Goldsbrough

Robert has been developing and building period & contemporary homes since 1995, and has installed all types of external home improvement products.