How To Clean Timber Windows

July 23, 2019

We all want our windows and doors to be low maintenance. Some sales chaps might tell you their products are ‘no maintenance’. There is no such thing. Even aluminium and uPVC has to be kept properly clean to ensure longevity.

Try not washing your car for a few years. Apart from attracting finger-written ‘clean me’ quips, the paint will fade, blister and degrade, and the seals around the windows will gather muck, moss and eventually fail.

Our UK timber manufacturing partner, Totali Timber Solutions, design all their products in-house, make and install windows and doors using the best materials, state of the art technology, and everything is hand-finished and hand sprayed. This maintains
Totali’s premier quality status and ensures your products will look good and last longer than all their competitors.

North Country Partner Totali’s Industry Leading Timber Windows And Doors

Their standard opaque finish guarantee is 10 years on all timber products, but they will last longer than this. Considerably longer if you opt for hardwood or Accoya. Just see their customer testimonials.

But you
still need to look after your new fenestration!

A Simple Four Step Guide To Sparkling Windows

Most of us have a local window cleaner. Unfortunately, these days they use various pole systems which only clean the glass. This can often simply wash dirt down the window to settle on the bottom beadings, frame and cill. And dirt collecting around the glazing seals might not be removed. So it’s vital to clean the whole window.

Ideally cleaning must be carried out reasonably regularly, ideally every 3 to 6 months. Spring is a good time to clean your windows to remove build-up of dirt from the Winter months.

Cleaning will help to ensure good performance and quality, with long lasting appearance for your products beyond the service life.

1.         First of all, check your gutters. Debris which has built up over the Autumn and Winter months could overflow and make its way onto the face of the windows. Clearing out the gutters first will prevent this until Autumn.

2.         Remove dirt and insects by washing the joinery down with a mild solution of soap (washing up liquid) and a sponge or soft cloth. You can
clean the glass at the same time. Ensure that any dirt collecting on the seals is removed, paying particular attention to the topside of any horizontal beading or glazing bars.

3.         If there mould and/or algae are present, wipe this off with a solution of 3 parts water to 1 part household bleach, ensuring that you to
rinse it off thoroughly afterwards with clean water. Important: do not use a stronger solution as this could affect the paint finish.

4.         Allow everything to dry thoroughly, perhaps using a lint-free cloth to take off any excess moisture.

NB: In coastal locations where dry sand blasting occurs, and there is an exposure to salt, your annual care and maintenance programme should be more regular.

Robert Goldsbrough

Robert Goldsbrough

Robert has been developing and building period & contemporary homes since 1995, and has installed all types of external home improvement products.