The Natural Beauty of Timber – But Low Maintenance?

September 12, 2018

Introducing Accoya Wood

Do you want timber but not the hassle of the maintenance? North Country supply and install bespoke timber windows, doors, (including bifolds), conservatories and orangeries made from the remarkable Class 1 Accoya wood. It is so durable and stable that it is used in buildings such as lighthouses and bridges. It’s used as canal sidings (it’s guaranteed for 25 years below the waterline), external cladding on buildings, and even used as foundations for buildings in earthquake zones.

This revolutionary timber product has been used for decades. However, it only started to made an appearance in the UK in the mid 2000s. Accsys Technologies (US, UK and Netherlands), manufacture this product using their patented process called Acetylation. This natural process turns ordinary sustainable softwood into a timber which is:

  • Harder and more durable than teak
  • Dimensionally stable: no ‘sticking’/warping; virtually rot-free
  • Indigestible to insects
  • Perfect for coating: finishes last 3-4 times longer
  • Timber guaranteed for 50 years above ground by Accsys and our manufacturing partner
  • Paint finishes guaranteed up to 10 years by Accsys and our manufacturing partner
  • 100% sustainable, recyclable and non-toxic

Such are the benefits of this remarkable product that Accoya is becoming the preferred choice of architects and developers worldwide.

In high demand, Class 1 Accoya wood is more expensive than the ‘best of the rest timbers’, so you can opt for engineered Sapele Mahogany (Class 3). We also offer an engineered softwood option for developers and builders. However, both these options in our premium range still come with:

  • Cills, beadings & glazing bars made from Accoya
  • 30-year guarantee against rot

Great selling points!

Robert Goldsbrough

Robert Goldsbrough

Robert has been developing and building period & contemporary homes since 1995, and has installed all types of external home improvement products.