Our Products - Timber

Timber Windows

Accoya® wood is low maintenance, virtually rot-free, insect and fungal resistant, and guaranteed for 50 years! It's also stable, so paint or stain finishes last 3 or 4 times longer. And it's warmer than any other timber.

Superb engineered timber options such as Sapele Mahogany and European Redwood (windows only) are in a lower price bracket but still offer a 30 year guarantee against rot.

Using only the best hardware and glazing units, smooth operation, maximum security and durability is ensured. For example, concealed spring sliding sash mechanisms have been tested to the equivalent of 100 years' use.

Casement Windows
Accoya casement windows Harrogate Yorkshire
Sliding Sash Windows
Sliding sash windows Harrogate Yorkshire

Timber Doors

Timber allows for virtually no design limits. We can replicate any traditional or contemporary style, or create a new design to your specific requirements, including handmade coloured lead designs and a wide variety of configurations.

At 56mm thick, Accoya Wood® or engineered Sapele Mahogany doors include entrance, French, slimline bifolding and 'lift and slide' sliding doors which are robust and warp resistant.

Door profiles allow for natural movement in the wood and won't 'stick'. They're fitted with a choice of traditional or contemporary hardware, plus self-locking espagnolette lock systems, and the most secure lock barrels available such as the Ultion 3* Diamond.

Entrance & French Doors
Entrance French doors Harrogate Yorkshire
Bifolds & Sliding Doors
Bifolding doors Harrogate North Yorkshire

Flood Doors

We offer a flood door system which allows you to have any design or configuration - just like our standard doors!

Also 56mm thick, entrance and French floor doors surpass the standard 900mm water test, with the latter keeping water out up to a staggering 1.5 metres!

Whereas many flood doors require the use of a single handle for daily use and engaging the flood mechanism, these flood doors have the same handles as standard ones due to the unique separate flood lock system which has its own, discreet, engagement handle.

And they come with the same self-locking espagnolette lock systems, together with the most secure lock barrels available, the Ultion 3* Diamond.

Flood doors Harrogate Yorkshire

Conservatories, Orangeries & Glazed Extensions

We can help you realise your design and installation of a new or replacement timber roof lantern, or a complete conservatory, orangery or glazed extension. The beauty of timber is unsurpassed and the longevity of our premium timber products rivals, and exceeds, aluminium. Also, timber allows for a more traditional styling where required and there are virtually no limits to what can be incorporated into your design.  

Assisting you at every stage, we can give you a warm and cosy extra space for all-year-round use. We can arrange the manufacture and installation of your existing design or, if you do not have an architect, we can sit down with you to design your perfect structure for you.

Building works, electrics, plumbing, interior design and finishing are usually carried out by a third party. If you do not have a builder lined up, we may be able to recommend someone to you. We can liaise with architects, planners and building regulations departments and builders to ensure your project progresses seamlessly.