Why Should I Pay More for My Timber Windows and Doors? (1 of 3)

January 2, 2019

My job as a North Country Design Consultant is not easy. I have to effectively communicate to my Clients the benefits of the window and door products we choose to promote. As we prefer to offer the best first, they can be pricier than the competition. But there are tangible reasons for that.

But why is it so difficult?

Well, most people know the difference between Matalan, Next and Jaeger when choosing a suit. But unfortunately, to many Clients, one timber window or door looks pretty much like another.

Some people will go into forensic detail over the specifications of a new car before parting with their money, but will get two or three quotes from different timber manufacturers, often seriously lacking in specification detail, and simply choose the one with the lowest bottom line total.

That’s why so many people end up wasting their money.

You can buy a suit online or on the high street for as little as £50. Or you can choose to pay £150 or £500. Or pay even more if you go to a personal tailor. Price differences between window and door products of certain material types may not vary quite so much, but quality varies considerably.

How can you tell the difference between something that will do for now, or something that will do for a lifetime?

Investing 30-100% more than your cheapest quotation could pay for itself several or many times over the product lifetime. The key is taking care to choose the right product.

See the images below:

Degrading windows
Leading competitor product (UK manufactured). Only 5 years old: silicone degrading, glazing bars coming off.
Rotten windows doors
Leading competitor product (imported). Less than 6 years old: full house of windows and doors, all completely rotten.
Quality timber windows and doors Harrogate Yorkshire
North Country recommended UK manufactured products – 12 and 14 years old respectively. Minimal maintenance and no decoration yet required.

In the next blog post we will try to shed some light on the question “What are the elements of Quality?”

Robert Goldsbrough

Robert Goldsbrough

Robert has been developing and building period & contemporary homes since 1995, and has installed all types of external home improvement products.